About Us

Alpha Dog Technical Services was formed in 2009 to provide computer and network support for small and medium-sized businesses in South Jersey. Our employees have worked in the IT industry as both Network Administrators and Field Service Engineers and provided support to clients in literally hundreds of different locations!

With over 20 years of experience installing, troubleshooting and supporting hardware, software and networking for businesses just like yours, our engineers can assist you with all your technology needs.

So, what's with the dog?

HenryWhile computers are a big part of what we do, it didnít seem too imaginative to put a computer on our business cards or use one as a company logo. Initially, Henry the dog was chosen just until we could come up with something better—but everyone who saw our business cards loved him!

DaisyHenry (top) is a beagle, over ten years old and almost completely blind, but heís still a very happy old guy and even wags his tail in his sleep. He was adopted in the summer of 2008 to be a friend for (then) three-year-old Daisy (bottom).


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